Aurangabad, MS India.

Vision : Dhyeyam

"To be recognized by patients for excellent, result oriented, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga & alternative therapies with commitment to enhance health."

mission : Karya-Pranali

  • To provide superior services.
  • To embrace clinical innovations.
  • To provide health education by conducting awareness sessions for all strata of society.
  • To update knowledge, skill of employees.

MGM Arogyam-Worship To Nature

Arogyam is a Sanskrit word which means well being and a harmonious state about mind, body and spirit.

Mahatma Gandhi Mission's Arogyam Naturopathy, Ayurved & Yoga Centre is a holistic health centre, having unique facility for cure of diseases and rejuvenation by nature cure therapies. In addition to conventional and modern Naturopathy, Ayurvedic, Yoga therapies, MGM AROGYAM perpetuates health and wellness through practice of ancient Indian Culture and Values.

MGM 'Arogyam' is located in a historical and tourist pride city Aurangabad (Maharashtra), nearby world famous Ellora and Ajanta caves. 'Arogyam' is situated in a refreshing, serene environment of Mahatma Gandhi Mission campus in the picturesque surrounding; a campus which develops an ambience that initiates an impulse in patients to cure physically and spiritually.

Mahatma Gandhi Mission is already in forefront for providing Medical Education and quality based health services. World over here has been a shift in health care towards considering mental, emotional and social components. Natural lifestyle is a need of time for preventing lifestyle disorders. Considering this need of Naturopathy to Society and to serve unique drugless holistic approach for cure of diseases, MGM has established Arogyam in year 2002 with state of art equipments, natural ambience, well qualified Doctors and Therapists. MGM also aims to make people aware about importance of Nature for prevention and cure of diseases. 20,000 patients have been benefited by treatments rendered by MGM Arogyam.

1. Why MGM Arogyam Naturopathy Centre?

'Cure in illness, Care in Wellness'

MGM Arogyam Naturopathy, the trusted naturopathy center in Aurangabad , believes that Naturopathy is the science of holistic health, creating a balance with the nature and a positive living, influencing people to lead a healthy life. MGM Arogyam Naturopathy Centre is an ISO 9001:2008 maintaining all quality standards.

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