Facilities - Seva-Suvidha
   OPD Naturopathy.
   OPD- Ayurveda.
   OPD-Yoga Therapy.
   Preventive and curative solutions for obese, recurring pains, hypertension, asthma, diabetes, GI-tract problems, Neuro-muscular disorders, joint pains, skin disorders and other disorders.
   Special ayurvedic panchakarma for infertility and gynecological disorders like PCOD, Menstrual disorders.
   Special therapies for obesity with assured result of 2 to 4 kg weight loss within a week without any side effect.
   Well equipped ayurved panchakarma & Keraliyan panchakarma department.
   Pain management therapies.
   Therapy Packages from 3 to 28 days as per the disease.
   Acupressure for pain relief.
   Acupuncture for pain relief & Paralytic patients.
   Exercise therapy.
   Massage therapy and Steam-bath.
   Hydrotherapy-spinal spray, hipbath, immersion tub-bath, underwater massage, circular jet-bath.
   Natural & herbal juice centre.
   Diet advice by experts for all diseases.
   Health shop for organic products and Ayurvedic medicines.
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