Santulan Relaxation Therapies

          Massage therapy where the oil is applied using soft and gentle strokes . The mere soaking of the body in the prescribed oil for the said duration yields benefits such as good appetite, good sleep at night and reduced stress levels. It removes fatigue and daily aches and pains, gives a glowing skin and most importantly helps to build immunity. Massage is followed by herbal steam bath which removes stiffness of body and removes toxins.

Types of Massage Therapies
   Ayurvedic Snehan
   Body Polish
   Udwartan massage where specific ayurvedic powders are applied with massage. This massage is good for reducing weight.
   Swedish Massage
   Aroma Massage
   Deep Tissue Massage
   Spa Massage
   Lymphatic Drainage Massage- Good for reducing oedema
   Sandalwood Cream Massage
   Keraliyan Dhara Massage
   Pottali Massage
   Vibro Massage

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